Shane Dawson was one of the guests and participants in Joey Graceffa's new show, Escape the Night.

Episode 1 Edit

Shane was first seen arriving with the other guests, enjoying the party. He and Eva went upstairs and found Sarah the Maid, with bloodstains on her. While escorting Eva, he leans over and whispers to the maid that he knew what they were up too. Shane then went to have dinner and realized the food was poisoned before coughing up blood. While the other guests set Shane on the ground, they found that they needed to solve three puzzles to get an antidote for Shane. However, the guests were unable to get the antidote in the given time limit, and Shane died of the poisoning.

Death Edit

  • Poisoning
  • Cook (Caused)
  • Sarah the Maid (Presumed)

Shane was poisoned while having dinner with the guests. Unable to get the antidote in time, Shane sadly passed away.

Trivia Edit

  • Shane was the first to die.
  • Shane knew about the house, and it's evil. He originally planned to come to destroy the evil within it but perished before he was even able to start.
  • The guests presumably buried his body, as it was not seen in the next episode,
  • It's Unknown who the cook was that killed Shane Dawson