Lele Pons is a guest and participant in Joey Graceffa's new show, Escape the Night.

Episode 1 Edit

Lele is first seen enjoying dinner with the other guests. Throughout the episodes, she repeats that she does not want to die, and is happy with herself at the moment, when Shane starts coughing up blood after being poisoned. The guests have to find three puzzles to save Shane, who they lay on the floor with a towel in case he is still coughing up blood. Unfortunately, the guests do not solve the puzzles in time and Shane dies, which leaves all of the guests, including Lele, sad and depressed

Episode 3 Edit

Lele was in the living room when everyone was accusing each other of working in the house. She helps find a lock of hair with her team. After finding it, the guests find that they need to find a coffin and a key. Lele seemed really hopeful when they found the key an a coffin, thinking the artifact would be inside, however, she was horrified when she found out that one person had to be buried alive in the coffin. After forming an alliance with some members in the group, she decided that it was time for Justine Ezarik to go. Coincidentally, Justine was chosen to go in the coffin. Lele watches in horror and sadness as Justine tries to run, but is caught by the groundskeeper. There, the men of the group help put Justine in the coffin and place her in the hole in the ground. Lele helps bury Justine. After Timothy tries to convince Joey Graceffa to help bury Justine, Lele notes that Justine had stopped screaming. Resulting in the artifact being unburied Lele stopped helping after that and, saddened and dishearted, follows the group back inside the house.

Trivia Edit

Lele died from being electrocuted after Eva and Oli win the ring toss. Leaving Oli weak, they sadly watch as Lele brutally gets electrocuted and unfortunately dies.