Andrea Brooks, also know as The Fixer, Is a guest and participant in Joey Graceffa's new show, Escape the Night.

Episode 1 Edit

Andrea is first seen arriving with the other guests, enjoying the party. She was with the other guests at dinner when Shane Dawson was poisoned. Trying to save his life, she and the others tried to solve puzzles to find the antidote for Shane, but failed, ultimately leading to his death. Andrea was shocked at his death, and started blaming guests for his death. Andrea was horrified at seeing the severed human head and helped solve the puzzle with her team.

Episode 2 Edit

Andrea is seen in this episode with the other guests. She, with the guests, learn that there was a machine in the basement, where to hosts would be trapped in glass cases, and their partner would have to try to save them by malfunctioning the machine. The only catch was: The other person would suffocate and perish in poisonous gas as it filled their case. After deciding who she would want to go in the basement, she went up and presumably put Andrew's name in the hat. The butler pulled two names from the hat. They were revealed to be Lele and her. After thinking hard, Andrea picks Justine to be her partner, helping her malfunction the machine she was in. After the is trapped in the container, Justine starts to solve the puzzles. While Justine started out slow, she graduately got faster, almost tied with the other team as Andrea freaked out. Unfortunately for Andrea, Lele's team was able to malfunction the machine. Justine watched in horror as Andrea started banging on the glass with gas filling up the container, and in under 10 seconds, Andrea perished.

Death Edit

Killed by: Edit

  • Justine (Presumed Caused)
  • Poison gas

As Justine was trying to get Andrea out, it is presumed Justine gave up and purposely started doing bad in the puzzles. When Justine lost, poisonous gas filled up Andrea's container, killing Andrea.

Trivia Edit

  • Andrea was the first female to die.

However, she wasn't the first to die, as Shane died first

  • While Andrea did die in a horrible way, no one but Timothy seemed to care much and She was chosen because Joey and His friends thought she was useless.